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There are many benefits of using carpet but its functionality can be badly affected by daily traffic and spills which leave stains. By having our carpet cleaners San Diego maintain your carpet, you can be sure of its prolonged life, saving you money in the long run.

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More often than not, carpet is preferred by many homeowners for their living rooms and bedrooms. However, when compared with other flooring options, this is more challenging to clean and maintain. Apart from vacuuming it on a regular basis, it is also important for you to get professional carpet cleaning once in a while. And if you are in San Diego, make sure you consider our professionals to do the job.

The American Lung Association said that dust accumulation in carpet can make family members suffer from breathing problems such as asthma or snoring. This explains why it is important to keep your carpet dust-free. Aside from that, here are more benefits that you can get from carpet cleaning.

  • Trapped pollutants are eliminated. Indoor air pollutants and their sources can be retained in a dirty carpet. Toxic airborne gases can also become trapped in the carpet. By vacuuming your carpet and by walking through it, the toxic gases are being released. This then makes them contaminate the indoor air. With us doing the cleaning task, these bacteria can be killed and deeply trapped pollutants can be removed as well.
  • Out dust mite infestations can be cleared. Dust mite infestations are present in many homes, but not all homeowners are aware of them because they are not visible. Dust mites are not allergens, but they leave body fragments and feces which are allergens. Because these particles are very small, they can be inhaled easily especially once the area is disturbed and inhaling them can worsen allergies. With carpet cleaning, these dust mites can be eliminated because the carpet is exposed to high temperature.
  • Mold growth can be prevented. Mold can easily grow in a dirty carpet, especially when it is exposed to moisture and when it is in an area with high humidity level. We can prevent this from happening because we use high-powered drying tools which can annihilate moisture.

There are different cleaning methods that we use at Star Flooring San Diego and these are some of them.

  • Steam cleaning. This is also known as hot water extraction and it is a common carpet cleaning method. The carpet which is under pressure is injected with boiling water. The dirt is loosened by the hot water and our machine immediately draws out dirt and moisture. The odors are removed and dust mites and bacteria are killed as well.
  • Carpet shampooing. This process involves the use of a foamy chemical. The chemical is applied on the carpet. We then scrub it using a motorized circular brush. There is no extraction process which is involved though so there is a need for the carpet to be vacuumed thoroughly.
  • Carpet dry cleaning. In this method, virtually no water is used. An absorbent compound is applied into the carpet and it is spread thoroughly with the use of a mechanized brush. A commercial vacuum cleaner is then used to remove soil and residue. This dries out carpet faster than other methods.
  • Bonnet cleaning. In this method, a cleaning product which is mixed with carbonated water is spread over the carpet. A “bonnet” or a circular rotating buffer having absorbent cover is then run over the carpet.

The answer to this depends mainly on how often your carpet is used.

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  • The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration or IIRC recommends cleaning carpets at least once a year. A carpet on a low-traffic area can be cleaned between 12-18 months, but one on a high-traffic area must be cleaned quarterly. Regardless of when you need carpet cleaning, do not hesitate to call Star Carpet & Flooring San Diego at (619) 282-4000.
  • If you have children, pets, smokers and visitors from time to time, your carpet should be cleaned 2-4 times yearly.

Our carpet cleaning San Diego services can spot-treat stain and vacuuming to prolong your carpet’s life. They can also keep it looking fresh and clean all through the year.

Yes, you can vacuum your carpet, but it is also important that you get our professional cleaning services at Star Flooring San Diego. Why? The reasons are as follows.

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  • There are different types of carpet. Not all carpets are the same. Some are made from wool and some are from synthetic materials. Because of this, they require different cleaning methods. Our carpet cleaners San Diego know the different cleaning methods and they know which one is best for your carpet.
  • You won’t have to buy or rent carpet cleaning tools.With us on your side, you will no longer need to worry about buying or renting carpet cleaning machines and tools as we have all of them. Besides, the machines and tools which are offered for sale or rent are not as effective when you don’t have enough knowledge on how to use them.
  • Our professionals know how to remove stains. Not all carpet cleaning products are made to deal with stains. In fact, there are some that can’t remove them. You won’t need to worry about stains anymore because our professionals are trained in removing them.
  • Extensive cleaning. Even if you have carpet cleaning machines and tools, still, you might not be able to clean extensively. However, the case is different when you get professional cleaning. Your carpet’s quality can be fully restored because all the stains, odor and dirt are removed.

San Diego carpet cleaning is really important when you want to maintain the quality of your flooring. Contact Star Carpet & Flooring San Diego when you need help with your carpet. Our professional carpet cleaning San Diego services are always available to you. Call us now at (619) 282-4000.