Hardwood Floor Refinishing San Diego

hardwood floor refinishing san diegoDoes your hardwood flooring look dull? Does it have a lot of scratches? Do you want it to have that shiny and smooth appearance again? Call Star Carpet & Flooring San Diego now at (619) 282-4000 for your hardwood floor refinishing San Diego projects.

Hardwood flooring is indeed durable and thus, really worth the investment. However, after years of being used, it can lose its shine. Your floor can become dull looking and it can also receive a lot of scratches. If you want to have shiny floor again, you will need to hire professionals to do hardwood floor refinishing San Diego.

Where can you hire professionals to do the job? If you are in San Diego, you don’t need to look further as we have experts at Star Carpet & Flooring San Diego who can do the job quickly and efficiently. Our team strives in providing only the best services to our clients.

What Are The Different Hardwood Floor Refinishing San Diego Strategies?

Even if you are planning to hire the experts, you should still know the different methods of refinishing your floor.

  • Traditional hardwood floor refinishing. The first step in this method is known as drum sanding. This is the removal of deep stains and scratches, surface coatings and uneven areas. This should be done correctly so that the species’ grain will be restored (one the hardwood floor’s main features). The particles and dust produced by the sanding process are then collected by an industrial vacuum. Finally, a polyurethane sealer is then applied to the floor. It takes around a week before you can step on your refinished floor.
  • Sandless refinishing. Another way of doing hardwood floor refinishing San Diego is via the dustless or sandless method. This method involves the use of a sanding machine to slightly scuff the floor. Next, an etching chemical is applied to the floor surface. Minor damages are then repaired and finally, the top coat is applied. It only takes a day before you can step on your floor again.

hardwood floor refinish san diegoIt can be tricky to refinish your hardwood floor on your own especially when you don’t have the necessary knowledge and equipment. Avoid wasting time and money by calling us. We have all the necessary tools and machines so you don’t have to rent or buy any. Plus, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction. What more can you ask for?

Regardless of where you are in San Diego, do not hesitate to call us when you need our help. Our experts at Star Carpet & Flooring San Diego are waiting for your call!