Rug Cleaning San Diego

rug cleaning san diego

Need help in cleaning your rug? You can always count on us at Star Carpet & Flooring San Diego. Call us at (619) 282-4000 and we’ll do our best to restore the cleanliness of your rug.

Many people believe that cleaning a rug is the same as cleaning a carpet. However, that is not the way it is. Rug cleaning San Diego involves professionals who can do the job in a controlled atmosphere and we can be those professionals. Rugs require effective yet gentle way of cleaning because they have delicate fibers.

How Is Rug Cleaning Done?

Listed here are the common steps being followed when doing rug cleaning. Take note though that some of the steps can be adjusted by our Star Carpet & Flooring San Diego professionals depending on the make and type of your rug.

The type and qualities of the rug which can affect the cleaning process are determined.

Dry soil is usually hidden on woven rugs. To remove this, we use a special machine and we also apply different cleaning methods. Because of the different methods involved, this phase is considered as the most important one.

The rug is pre-treated for the soils to be emulsified. The treatment depends on the soiling type and fiber content.

Special solutions are applied to difficult spots and fringe.

Oriental Rug Shampoo is often used to most rugs. This shampoo is designed to allow maximum cleaning yet protecting the sensitive natural fibers.

The rug is rinsed with the use of extraction equipment. Or, it can also be washed in an area known as wash pit.

We can either hang your rug or lay it flat for it to dry properly.

The rug is then finished and comb using soft groomers which are made specifically for rugs.

The rug is inspected for the last time to make sure that the dirt is removed totally.

Why Should You Choose Our Rug Cleaning San Diego Services?

There are different reasons why you should consider hiring us for your San Diego rug cleaning and among these are as follows.

  • We listen and address your needs properly. We know that you have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars for your rug so we do our best to deal with it properly. We don’t use abrasive chemicals which can damage your investment.
  • We understand that your situation may be different from other’s situation. We know that rugs are of different types and each type requires a different cleaning approach. Before cleaning your rug, we inspect it first so that we can determine the right cleaning method for it.
  • We offer exceptional service. We constantly train our staff for them to stay updated with the latest cleaning methods and equipment. With such knowledge, we are confident to offer a satisfaction guarantee.