Upholstery Cleaning San Diego

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Many people often overlook cleaning their upholsteries when they are cleaning their home. They often think that their carpet needs more cleaning, when in fact, both of them requires regular cleaning. This is because these are both affected by household dust.

Whenever we wear our clothes, there are tiny dust particles which are being released in the air. Tiny flakes of skin cells are constantly shed by our skin. Pets and people entering our home can also produce dirt. These small pieces of dirt and dust are floating in the air, and eventually, they rest on the furniture, carpet, floor, upholstery and others, hence resulting to household dust.

Upholstery receives a good amount of attention and traffic, particularly in homes with pets and children. These cannot avoid dirt and stains, but these problems do not have to remain there permanently.

Why Is Upholstery Cleaning San Diego Services Important?

There are several reasons why you should have your upholstery cleaned and some are as follows.

  • This is most likely the most obvious reason why you should do upholstery cleaning regularly. The more your upholstery is used, the more that it will appear old and not so appealing. Its appearance can be maintained though when you choose us to do the job. Our professionals can restore its original look by removing the dirt and grime which have built up overtime.
  • The health of your family and everyone else in your home can be badly affected by your dirty furniture. Bacteria, mold and fleas can easily grow in your furniture when it stays dirty for a long time. Without your knowledge, you are actually providing a good home for them to develop. With regular upholstery cleaning San Diego, such problem can be avoided.
  • Air Quality. The air quality in your home can be affected by several reasons and one of these reasons is the cleanliness of your furniture. Cleaning your furniture can help improve the air quality in your home because dirt, dust and bacteria are being eliminated. When you need help with this, do not hesitate to call us at (619) 282-4000.

How Do We Clean Your Upholstery?

To restore the beauty and quality of your furniture, here is our process when doing upholstery cleaning.

  • A PH-balanced formula is applied on the upholstery. This helps in removing dirt particles.
  • The surface of the upholstery is then scrubbed using hot water.
  • A Scotch Guard protection is applied once the cleaning is done. This is considered the most important stage because it plays a great role in keeping the quality and beauty of your furniture for a longer time. With this applied on your furniture, you won’t have to worry anymore even when you have small children or pets.
  • An enzyme-based deodorizer is then applied and this is actually the last step. This keeps the furniture fresh and smelling clean. It also combats bacteria which cause foul odors.